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Visiting our little farm field
October 4, 2014, 4:39 pm
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Sorry, no pics this trip, so I’ll share a fall flower arrangement instead. I keep imagining I will park my easel in the middle of the field and capture its bucolic splendor. Unfortunately, it is not splendid yet. Thinking we were about to arrange to have a well dug, we were advised by a savvier neighbor that we would be better off having someone clear the field of poison ivy and callery pear saplings (whose thorns could pierce car tires), and replace the weeds with a proper perennial hay field. So we will do that. Our poor hazelnut tree babies will stay in NJ parked on the deck until spring. We headed home with our heads filled with notions of soaker hoses, geothermal and gray water systems, fence options and the dauntingly many considerations that will go into developing our home and orchard. Thank goodness for helpful neighbors. It’s just scary what we don’t know, but we’re committed to forging ahead.

Here is one thing I do know, that I am happy to pass along: if you are in the vicinity of Hanover, PA, and in the mood for a good hamburger, eat at the C&D Bar and Grill on Route 30. Their “Black & Blue burger” is my absolute favorite, high quality beef topped with blue cheese and mushrooms. Ok, now I’ve made myself hungry. Bye for now.

More advice: Count on your county’s Cooperative Extension for your gardening questions. They know their stuff, and what they don’t know, they can look up for you.