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Hazelnut farm underway (sort of)
May 6, 2014, 9:52 am
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Our trees are effectively in their foster home (our New Jersey backyard), while a tenant uses our Pennsylvania field this summer. In the fall, the first batch of baby hazelnut trees (who look hardly more than sticks in pots right now) will move to their permanent locations. Before that happens, a well and deer fence must be waiting. We will learn how to use gas-powered augers. Fall should be quite interesting this year. We shall either begin to grow nuts or go nuts in the next few years.

One thing we didn’t know about these little trees before we ordered them is the horizontal extent of some roots. Try fitting something into a round pot that looks as if it would better fit into a planter the shape of a school locker lying prone. Yet the visible part of the tree is a slender twig only four feet high. These are clearly among the many things in life which one can not judge from the surface.

Our babies

Our babies