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Woodpecker or construction worker?
April 17, 2013, 11:58 am
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At our birdfeeder station, we sometime see (separately, I guess due to pecking order — bad pun intended) 3 woodpecker species: small, medium and large, which we’ve scientifically nicknamed “Small”, “Medium” and “Large.”

I didn’t see any of them today so far because at least one of them is hiding in shame for scaring me. From inside the house I heard what sounded like a jackhammer, within a few yards of our house. After looking up and down the block to see who was having renovations or stonework done (nobody), I too a wild guess that it was woodpeckerus largeus trying to eat our house.

Although a walk around the property didn’t turn up any visible damage to siding or shingles, I haven’t forgotten the decibel level of its drilling efforts, and have to assume it has at least made a dent somewhere. If that feathered forager hammers its way inside my house, I am going to force it to eat the stray stinkbugs that have blundered inside. That should teach if.


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