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March 8, 2013, 9:59 am
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You may not think that older techies care about style, but you would be wrong. Recently DH took advantage of a sale brochure in the Wall Street Journal featuring a brand he’d never heard of “Charles Tyrwhitt” (not the fellow’s real name, I am told). They are nice enough shirts, and, unlike the Territory Ahead wardrobe DH has collected over the years, you can specify sleeve length and neck measurement. So he ordered a couple, which were advertised as specially priced well below comparable quality shirts. Ok, so he is not yet dressed like a quant, and probably never will be, but it’s such a delightfully long way from his graduate physics student days of flannel shirts and ragged edge jeans, that I approve of the upgrade, modest as it is.

The shirts arrived. We see that they are well-crafted, and he saunters into the office, only to find that a lot of his fellow engineers are similarly attired. When he reported this to me later (no mistaking the slight edge of disappointment in his tone), I remarked on how many of his co-workers must also read WSJ. Not just that, he told me — Charles Tyrwhitt also advertised in The Week. Oh, the indignity! So much for his special find. So now, with so many new customers (gullible 99%-ers all of us), we are waiting to see whether future CT shirt purchases show diminishing workmanship, or whether the brand will maintain a semblance of integrity.

Still, it is time for me to help him find a shirt brand with the interesting Italian textiles such as those from Territory Ahead, but with the better workmanship and more precise sizing of the Charles Tywhitt type. I am open to suggestion, but thinking the thing to do would be to save up for a trip to Milan. Ideas?


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