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Mild Regret
October 3, 2010, 7:13 am
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No matter how I edit, embellish, dig, divide, re-envision or otherwise change my garden, the centerpiece remains a battered dogwood tree (Cornus florida). If it were not smack in the middle of the back yard, we could be playing badminton and volleyball in the summer, and pickup hockey in the winter, because the yard itself is quite flat.

But I’m too soft-hearted. It’s a native plant. It is home, cafeteria and perch to too many of my neighbors.

If I think back to my childhood, I recall skating on an area of frozen swamp that was part of my grandparents’ property. Dodging trees and the bits of tall grass that stuck out of the ice was part of the fun, but no one tried to play hockey there. This was also back before I knew what lawyers are. There won’t be a rink constructed around our old tree. All it would take is for a neighbor’s kid to take a check from the trunk of the dogwood and there would go my landscaping budget for years to come.

Occasionally, I picture how it could be as I look through my kitchen window, but our feathered guests wouldn’t understand hockey anyhow. And the tree stays.

The bleachers?


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I like your bleachers! And how well I remember the swamp skating of your childhood. Do you remember the portable skating rink we bought and tried without much success to have beside the house?

Comment by Mom

I had forgotten about the portable rink until you just reminded me. The ice broke up too easily, and it was bumpy, I think.

Comment by beewatching

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