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May 25, 2010, 4:36 pm
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Above is a bloom I would not try to pluck, basking in the admiration of visitors to Grounds for Sculpture last weekend.

As I was thinking of what I’d have to offer the bees from month to month, I started wondering whether I could also do an alphabetical list of some things that bloom hereabouts, not that I have an excess of free time to throw away on such an exercise, but it seems much more appealing than chores right now. You know the feeling. Let’s see now, Aster, Baptisia, Corydalis, D…hmm. Dianthus? No, that disappeared under a flood tide of vinca vine a couple years ago. Ah! Dandelion — I think they’ll continue to hold their own no matter what tries to overtake them. E? Elderberry, almost forgot. Foxglove (I may be cheating here because I can’t tell if these are first year or second year. They may just produce leaves this year.) I’ll go with Forget-me-not then, which kept up blooming for at least a month and still haven’t completely faded.

Back to my list: Geranium, Hosta, Iris, Joe Pye Weed, Kerria, Lobelia, Monarda (you’ll see I’m mixing a Latin and common names, or if that bothers you, how about Mayapple or Milkweed?), N? I don’t have enough sunny space left for nasturtium, but Nigella seems to like it here. For O I have Oenothera, but Q? Next is P for Plumbago, then Rose, Salvia, Tiarella, then U. U? What should I have that starts with U? Well, at least V is no problem, since I have Veronica, Viburnum and Virginia Sweetspire to choose from. Argh, can’t believe I’m stumped by W. No, I don’t have Wisteria, or even Wishbone Flower. Maybe it’s time to go shopping. The only X that comes to mind is the X in the names of hybrid plants. The Yarrow died. Good old Zinnia finishes off this list.

I could start up a second round with azalea, begonia, crocus, etc., but I think I’ll go out now and hunt for the missing U and W (hope I didn’t mistake them for weeds and dig them out). Anyway, it’s too nice a day to sit inside making lists. If anyone has a good idea for Q, U or W, I’d like to know.


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