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Harvest Time
March 24, 2010, 5:21 am
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I know it’s March, but I have crops to gather — with my scissors. Assessing my woefully shady, so-called lawn the other day, I observed that it is (at the moment) mostly made up of moss, clover and chives, with some grass due to sprout soon. I’m okay with that. I can mow it and it stays green. I feed it with compost at the end of summer every year. No human could accuse me of being obsessed with having a perfect lawn, but if the honeybees were judging, they’d give higher marks to the clover anyway.

Kids, stop fighting. At a feeder which can and has accommodated several birds per side, I watched two chickadees chasing one another away. They expended more energy doing this than they gained in the small amount of time each spent feeding. Bird brains. I think that while they are the only ones at the feeder, they momentarily lose all perspective of their relative size to almost anything else. Then a flock of grackles surrounds them, and the chickadees’ illusions of might evaporate, sort of like ours would if space aliens arrived here in town.

Speaking of space aliens…I am extracting all kinds of promises from my teenage sons about how helpful they are going to be with this spring’s garden overhaul. Down will come the play fort, which has been an animal fort for a few years now. Once an animal decided to relieve itself on the upper deck, the fort became a permanent no man’s land as far as the kids were concerned. You can tell what outdoorsy types we’re raising here. Up will go a shed after we lay a bed of gravel for it. A tuteur needs to be sanded and painted, and paths laid out. Watch closely now, because I will demonstrate the amazing trick of the disappearing boys.

Sorry, no pics this time until I figure out why they won’t upload without crashing the browsers I use.


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