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Sticking it out
January 12, 2010, 12:52 pm
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This is eighteen and a half inches of snow.

One of my sons said the snowfall made the table on the deck look “like a gumdrop”.

Grumble, grumble — it’s still weeks until I can start pruning stuff in the garden, but I am getting impatient. I have been looking at garden websites showing how to make trellises, fences and other garden goodies from trimmed away branches. A wattle fence might be just the right thing to mask the compost pile. The right small branches in a big pot will support vining plants. The past couple of years, I have raided the brush discard pile of some neighbors who have a small stand of bamboo at the edge of their property. I felt faintly foolish one day as I trash (treasure) picked some sturdy stems from the roadside while they returned from walking the dog, but I shouldn’t have worried. They even invited me to lop some bamboo whenever I wanted to finish the raspberry support I was building. I didn’t take them up on their offer because they had trimmed enough for my needs already, but what nice neighbors I have!

Instead, I have perused websites full of simple structures that will inspire me to bring a little support and organization into my backyard when things get growing again. Here are a few links I’ve come across so far. Just so you’re warned, I haven’t tried building any of these things yet, and will not hazard a guess about whether they are as easy to make as suggested.

Here is the one that made me think of concealing my all too visible compost pile:

Here is a link to directions for a branch and twig arbor:

This was built by artist Patrick Dougherty at the Morris Arboretum (I love this exhibit!). Unfortunately, I don’t have 75 volunteers to build anything like this in my yard. I don’t even have two volunteers (they know who they are):

I’ll end with that one. It’s too hard an act to follow.


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