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We could have waved to the Half Moon from here
November 9, 2009, 3:31 pm
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… if this wonderful walkway had existed 400 years ago, that is. On a nearly flawless fall afternoon, I strolled across the new Hudson River Walkway, which replaced a burned out railroad bridge between Poughkeepsie and Highland. (If you don’t know where Poughkeepsie is, or where the Hudson River flows, don’t admit it in public, but if you didn’t know how to spell P-o-u-g-h-k-e-e-p-s-i-e, you’re forgiven). High over the river’s opalescent expanse, dozens of visitors crossed over and back, stopping frequently to admire the view. This is a walkway so clean and new, you can’t leave your dog’s mess behind without critics, but no matter. In a golf cart that hums along beside the pedestrian traffic, is a congenial man who will let you drop that noxious plastic bag into a bucket he carries — much nicer than having to carry all the way back to the parking lot. This is an amenity I hope they keep offering. Stationed at the beginning of the Poughkeepsie side was a hot dog and beverage vendor, but don’t count on this being a year-round feature.

I’ve promised myself I’ll come back to photograph the river scene after a snowfall as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you’re in the area, get out your walking shoes and check it out for yourself.


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nice pic. too bad you didn’t have your sisters photo you, in addition to the two of them in photo I have.

Comment by Mom

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