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And that’s a wrap …no it’s not
October 6, 2009, 9:33 am
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A SENSIBLE TWEET referred to Thalassa Cruso recently, reminding us that fall is not the end of the gardening season, but the beginning of the next one. It’s a smart way to look at it, and must mean that winter is the coffee break of the garden cycle, the deep breath and nap that we and the rest of nature need before the following year’s frenzy. As sorry as I am to see the flowers fade, there is something gratifying about a stack of stakes and a pile of pots ready to be put away until spring sends its supply list.

FLEE FLY FLU No way to run away from it. The TV trumpets it, the headlines herald it — the flu season is upon us. Just ask your child how many of his classmates are absent if you have any doubts. I am about as fond of getting stuck with needles as the next person, which is not at all, thank you; so, buoyed by a glimmer of alternative hope from my health coach, the internet, I am harvesting healthful herbs, such as horehound and oregano. Ah, wouldn’t it be nice to think you can dodge the flu by eating more pizza! According to some sources, horehound can be brewed into tea, or sweetened with a ridiculous amount of sugar (which right then and there cancels the immune boost of the herb, I’m sure) and made into cough drops. A tea recipe I saw recommends flavoring horehound with lemon and molasses. I have to surmise that horehound tastes really nasty drunk plain. Oil of oregano has anti-bacterial properties according to my reading (hmm, maybe they mean for us to wash our hands with it). I haven’t figured out how to extract much oil from my little oregano patch, but maybe I can just work a lot of the herb into the family menu. (“What are those little green flecks in the birthday cake, mom?”) They’ll ask this gratefully, while slurping gallons of white or green tea, which Dr. Internet tells me is also good for the immune system.

Then, our immune systems primed, we’ll probably either get the flu anyway, or the dratted flu shots. You first.

In case you are unfamiliar with horehound, here is some info:

late season holdouts

late season holdouts


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