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September 24, 2009, 5:59 pm
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Leucantha by Philip Grausman1993

GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE, in Hamilton, NJ, is a wonderland of nature and art. It was founded in 1992 by the sculptor J. Seward Johnson. Many of his own works are featured here, both in and outdoors. In addition, an impressive and eclectic array of other sculptors’ work are at home in this 35 acre park. Lucky us —  it’s a real treat.

Some of the nature is rather loud. Several ducks were triangulating by quack as we meandered from sculpture to sculpture along a lakeside wooded path. Tucked into surprise groves and nooks are the most delightful works. A good deal of thought has been lavished on the ideal location for each of the many works, enabling the surroundings to serve as not only a backdrop but an extension of the work. We were there on a quiet weekday, with a small number of other visitors, who dispersed beyond the visitor center, wandering as they pleased, not crowding us anywhere. Whether we ducked into a bamboo grove containing an amusing surprise, took in the view from a bridge or gazebo, or crossed a sunny open lawn, new views delighted us constantly. We strolled by lifesize Renoiresque figures by J. Seward Johnson, animals that couldn’t possibly exist in nature, geometric constructions and much more, in a landscape that might make a gardener giddy with inspiration.

There are places to dine, including a very good restaurant called Rat’s. Admission to the park is $10 for adults. Many kids would enjoy this park too.

I could rhapsodize some more, but I’d rather recommend you go see it for yourself. You can get there by following the signs from either exit 63B or 65B from I-295. If you use exit 65, you get treated to a preview, as the road to the park is flanked by a number of other large sculptures. I recommend mosquito repellent in warm weather.

Visit here in advance:


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