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Repels everything but bugs
August 16, 2009, 2:11 pm
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Might just as well have sent them dinner invitations The other evening (yes, evening, as if we didn’t know better) my husband and I were strolling a minutely small segment of the Appalachian Trail before heading home from an errand. Wisely — I used to be a Girl Scout, and they always taught us BE  PREPARED — we were armed with insect repellent. Not too many yards from the car, it became obvious that, although we smelled like cedar closets, the mosquitos were not impressed. They scoffed at our defenses. It was a short walk. At least we repelled any moths that might have been stalking us, and warned the bears and deer that there were aromatic trees approaching.

I know it could have been worse, but we opted to walk in the opposite direction from the path labeled “Rattlesnake Swamp Trail”. Doesn’t that name make you just want to dash in there? Maybe that stinky repellent would have worked on the snakes. You try it and let me know.

Safely back at home the Early Bird tomatoes are proving unworthy of the name. I’ve had one ripe specimen so far. Now, if they want to rename them “Tasty Bird”, I wouldn’t argue. I console myself with the raspberries, which are now ripening quickly.

I’m going to whisper this so as not to jinx things, so listen closely. There has been no security breach of the bird feeders lately, which is not to say the squirrels have left town. They have to be content with what the birds drop, so must be spending the bulk of their time elsewhere, otherwise they’d be much skinnier by now.impatiens


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