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Holey moley
July 27, 2009, 11:30 am
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Everyone wants to know how to get rid of moles, voles and groundhogs. Join the club (actually, we were ready with handouts about that very problem, among others). I enjoyed my shift at the Master Gardeners’ booth at the Farm Fair this past week, right down to the piglet races. I missed the governor’s visit, but did get to see the entire tractor parade, which was made up mostly of the classic green John Deere type, and a brand which, were I a farmer, would most likely be a household name: Farm-all. Those are red, which suggests that they should also hold these tractor parades at Christmas time. I took photos of almost every tractor. Don’t ask me why. We had a location near the entrance  — everyone walked by us. I used to assume that farmers had all the answers about growing things, but even they have questions.

The display boxes of bugs were a big draw, growing oohs (kids) and eewwws (parents), who were amazed what lurks in their backyards. All the county fair requisites were there, livestock, tasty but unhealthy food, the floral competitions, the rides, and a rather uncouth ventriloquist, whose booth was, unfortunately, directly behind ours. Not a requisite for any fair, if you ask me. And — I’m sure I saw his lips moving as the dummy spoke. So there.

SPECIALTY CROPS about those teenage humans we are cultivating — clearly of the delicate hothouse variety. At a time when he should be excited about spending a week in New York City, learning folk music from some major practitioners of the art, our fiddle player is miffed that we’re forcing him to endure accommodations at the Y. “This place is awful,” I read as I put on my sneakers at the gym. He hadn’t been off the train to the Big Apple an hour when he started texting me about how he hated the place. Well, guess what kid — I’m not driving up there to rescue you unless you are genuinely sick. His dad went along with him, so he can’t bluff.

I’m going out on a limb here to predict that after a busy day or two of stretching his musical boundaries, being fed more interesting food than he’d get at home, and seeing a few of the sights, he’ll realize that he actually spends very little time in his hotel room, so who cares if it’s smaller than his closet and lacks the ambience of a luxury hotel. We’ll see.

HONEY COME BACK Finally I am seeing more than a solitary honeybee in the garden, which is a slight relief, although theoverall situation seems as grim as ever. The PBS nature program on colony collapse disorder presented all the known possibilities, from viruses to brain damage from pesticide exposure. A Chinese farmer demonstrated how he has to hire hundreds of workers to hand-pollinate his pear orchard. Never complain about the tedium of your job again.


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