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What’s wrong with this picture?
June 24, 2009, 8:02 pm
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butterfly weed

Hint: I am not talking about my questionable photography skills. It’s what isn’t in the picture that worries me.

If a butterfly could speak, its first word might be “asclepias” (if it were to speak Latin, that is) and I have some waiting: both butterfly weed and swamp milkweed. To round out the menu, I also offer verbena, thyme, horehound, hosta, ageratum, impatiens, fennel, sedum, lilies, roses and parsley. No sippers yet, aside from the small white butterflies that always brave the showers.

Then there are the bees. No actually, there aren’t. Only a few bumblebees, a couple of wasps, and a small number of tiny bees show up regularly. No honeybees in the clover, even. Might as well mow the lawn.

The welcome mat is out. Soon I’ll be able to offer phlox, lavender, zinnias, raspberry blossoms, sage, lemon balm, bee balm (in two colors — two different flavors? I’d ask a bee if there were any) and salvia, and still later, goldenrod, joe pye weed and chrysanthemum. (Who is Joe Pye anyway?) I’ve even spared weeds if they bloom.

So here I am with my 31 flavors of flower nectar, face pressed against the window, but the crowds aren’t lining up. Don’t think I’m despairing yet. Once the weather improves, the picture may be quite different. Fingers crossed.


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Maybe when the rains end and the heat kicks in. I don’t want the heat becausee I don’t have an air conditioner.

Comment by Aline Manzi

Just a note to the author:
I find this blog interesting. And I would like to hear more.

Comment by bigbrowneyes

L’ve gpt 1 or 2 swallowtails in my herb/perennial garden (not sure if I’m counting the same one twice) and a few painted ladies. That’s it. The bumblebees are fairly numerous although haven’t seen a single honey bee.

Hoping it’s the weather, as well. Cool and very wet so far this summer.

Comment by Karen Brees

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