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Revenant Rose
June 15, 2009, 6:37 pm
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I dug a hole straight through to the other side of the world this afternoon. I had no choice. Dr. Huey had overstayed his welcome. I wasn’t burying an annoying houseguest. Huey, as I’ve mentioned before, was a very robust rose that had sprung from the rootstock of a more desirable rose that had died.

I wasn’t prepared for the depths to which the main root descended. No simple shovel, shovel, and tug extraction in this case — this was a root canal of an operation, during which I had to keep from demolishing the nearby lovage and Russian sage. Finally, to protect the other plants from destruction, I took the loppers to the tenacious root over a foot below the surface.

That should take care of the matter, yet I don’t have absolute confidence that I won’t be visited by the shade of Dr. Huey next spring, or (shudder) at the end of this summer, his thorny fingers breaking through the ground to point at me accusingly. Maybe it will require silver loppers to dispatch him permanently.

ON A ROSIER NOTE The scarlet Meideland has begun to bloom, and in addition to what’s open already, has buds that promise more color to come. Here’s a look.meideland It’s so pretty, someone should write a song about it. (Don’t look at me — I’m too busy weeding.)


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I’m watching my Dr. Huey to see what it does.

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