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All of a color
June 14, 2009, 1:54 pm
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VANILLA LAND I didn’t do this intentionally. Standing in my backyard, I took stock of what’s in bloom right now. There are roses still — scarlet meideland and its numerous tiny red flowers, and the Camelot is getting ready to spring open a new round of at least eight at once — a first for this particular plant. Not counting the roses, though, there is a predominance of white flowers: elderberry, viburnum, oakleaf hydrangea, Virginia sweetspire and clover. The colorful plants due to open within a couple weeks: phlox, bee balm (I have Jacob Cline and Raspberry Wine, and why do these have to rhyme?), salvia, lavender, the blue hydrangea, snapdragon and zinnia.


Oh, and did I mention I bought white impatiens? It’s a cheap way of getting more out of fewer outdoor lights.

NEW USES FOR OLD THINGS One of my kids likes to spout the non-sequitur “your face”, which is far less witty than he thinks. But my face has found a new purpose: when waving my arms in vain, in increasingly elaborate gestures to turn on a motion-sensor lamp got me frustrated, I tipped the lamp toward me to look into it and voila!. Light! So, now when the boy says “your face” to me, I agree. My face. It lights up the room.


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