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Welcome to the land of puny veggies
May 29, 2009, 6:05 am
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P1020611Wow. What a disparity in sizes among the brussels sprout plants I started simultaneously indoors this past winter. Ranging in size from two and a half inches to about ten inches, some are in pots, and some are in the ground. The biggest ones are in the large containers, yet the ones in the ground were fed an ample helping of compost. This experiment will tell me a lot about growing strategy, and I may change my approach next year. The tomatoes are very close in size to one another. None are planted directly in the ground. One hangs upside down, but is working against gravity to right itself — apparently a muscular vegetable? fruit? The strawberries are starting to show pale fruit of a promising size. Squirrel food in the making if I don’t cover them soon. Onions? Well, all I see are the green tops, and they are healthy looking. So many allium of various size pop up in the yard, it seemed almost redundant to plant them, but who knows whether the wild ones will taste decent? My fingers are crossed over the netted blueberry bushes. Will the netting actually help me harvest some berries before the animals figure out how to get to them?


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