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Why is nature in such a rush?
May 23, 2009, 5:05 pm
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Stop irises! Stop roses! I can just tell what’s ahead: an early finish to the bloomers I usually count on to take me well into June. Will this trend of accelerated blooming carry on all summer, giving chrysanthemum flowers in July? Zinnias by next Monday?

This month and into the next, master gardeners and garden club members open their properties to visitors. I visited one near my house today, which had plenty to inspire. Native and exotic perennial flowers and herbs, annuals, shrubs, trees, even attractive weeds, containers, pretty stones, sculptures, whimsical signs, wrens nesting, a pond. Too busy, you might imagine, from this brief summary, but it’s all laid out along meandering walkways, so the elements are revealed gradually. This approach makes a small property seem larger, since it takes such a long time for the full collection to unfold in front of you. This was a garden in the making by multiple generations, since 1903.P1020593


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Nice – would love to have that kind of layout here, but too late and too little plant-ability. I just dumped out an potted house plant that I discovered to be a nest of hundreds of ants – a Schifflera (sp?)

Comment by Aline Manzi

Wonder how the ants got in the house. Was the pot filled from soil in the yard?

Comment by beewatching

No, it was potting soil, but the spring ant exploration apparently likes that plant.

Comment by Aline Manzi

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