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The plant sale continues
May 16, 2009, 7:57 pm
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tiarellaWe had a few plants left, so we held a mini-sale at the mall. Seeing how few brussels sprout plants had sold on the first sale day, I left the rest of them home. I remarked on this to the other volunteers, and immediately, a customer spoke up, saying she would certainly have bought them. Since I live five minutes from the mall (this is not necessarily a good thing — depends where you live), I hurried home and gathered up a trayful. True to her word, she bought them all. I still don’t know whether to try growing them again next year. They would be for me and the one or two other brussels sprout growers in the area. The original motivation for planting them in the first place was how exotic I thought the plants looked at the supermarket a few holiday seasons ago. Expect to see photos of them growing their nubby little sprouts this summer.

Now that I am back to gardening for my own purposes, I added “Raspberry Wine” bee balm, a little more lovage, and a little more lady’s mantle. My most urgent chore right now is netting the blueberries and strawberries against squirrel and bird assaults.


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