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Spring on overdrive
May 12, 2009, 5:47 pm
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azalea allee

Now that we’ve had days of drenching rain, everything green is growing at warp speed. Wait for me! I have a lot of brussels sprout plants still to transplant. They are far from my favorite vegetable, but I love the way the plants look when they are close to harvest time. Interesting looks are apparently not enough to get adopted at a plant sale, however; there were a lot of my sprouties left on the table, like wallflowers at a dance. In bloom: azaleas, irises, native columbine, tiarella, sweet woodruff, strawberries, pink forget-me-not (just finishing up), white bleeding heart, and a few tenacious violets. This year, I am in the mood to try a new (to me) groundcover — a couple varieties of dentaria.

Squirrel update: the torpedo shaped baffle seems to be a true barrier to the raiding parties. Not a squirrel in sight for several days now. I suspect they are in their command post, engineering a new assault. Or, they just don’t need to work that hard, and have gone away for easier pickings. Whatever the reason for their absence, I’ll take it.


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Not sure about the squirrel thing, because I haven’t seen my squirrel(s) for days, but finally had one in the yard this evening. (Also saw a rainbow at 6:20 p.m., first one in a few years.) Talk to your Delaware sister about a friend with a whole expanse of bleeding hearts. Maybe I need some of those back, since mine vanished. And she found a sky pencil for herself someplace on the way home from here today.

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