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Squirrel sabotage
May 2, 2009, 10:06 pm
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This afternoon, it appeared that a squirrel knocked the baffle down from above a tube feeder, taking the feeder down with it, probably scaring itself and then running away, because not much seed was gone. You know I have to respond with escalation. I’ve ordered a pole for use with a “torpedo” baffle I bought yesterday. Sooner or later those critters will decide it’s too much work to get a meal around here and go live in the woods where they belong.

Other observations: ajuga blooming. Mayapple too.



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How about providing a separate feeder especially for squirrels to draw them away?

Comment by Aline

I used to do that, when we thought they were cute, fuzzy woodland darlings, not the agents of chaos that they really are. They destroyed it, then came for the bird feeders. Then moved into the attic of the garage and the attic of the next door neighbors’ house. Ungrateful little beasts!

Comment by Beewatching

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