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Squirrels up the Ante
April 26, 2009, 6:34 pm
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No, the netting doesn’t work, although one varmint nearly got himself tangled in his hurry to get away as I approached, broom in hand. The hardware cloth baffles baffled them for several days — until today. Next step: bigger baffles, the $20 kind, with no foothold. I had hoped not to have to go there.

To take the edge off my frustration, I planted several tiarella plants near my oldest, most beat-up dogwood tree (photo above). This is the one the kids used to climb on to get at the rope swing hanging from the dogwood next to it. That rope swing has taken its lumps from the squirrels as well, as they chewed it up to get nesting materials. The other photo is of Kerria Japonica, not a native shrub, but so attractive in early spring, blooming with yellow pouf all along the bright green branches.

Seriously, if you want some obstruction dug through, put squirrel treats at the other end. They’ll destroy or climb over anything.

More seriously, and nothing to do with gardening: if you are at all concerned with the way Iran is unjustly imprisoning foreign journalists with no genuine trial or useful access to attorneys, you can follow this website documenting what Roxana Saberi, an Iranian American is going through.


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