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Squirrel Proof? Ha!
April 12, 2009, 5:10 pm
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Finally I acquired an official squirrel proof feeder. It’s the kind with the double layer metal grid. Ingeniously low-tech — no batteries, nothing spins, springs or closes. The idea is that the birdies can put their dainty little beaks through the half inch grid, which is about an inch or so below the one inch grid (well, they have to get their feathered little faces up close, right?), but the big, bad, marauding squirrels can’t get their fat, fuzzy heads through, so ha! Ha ha!

Um, that’s the squirrel having the last laugh. They have something the birds lack, in addition to mammalian brain power. Paws! Through the grid goes the paw, and munch munch goes the squirrel. And they don’t even have opposable thumbs. What do you think of that, you humans?



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I could have told you that thing is not squirrel-proof. We’ve had every kind of “squirrel-proof” feeder, and there’s no such thing. They have paws which reach thru, and they have paws and bodies which rock a feeder, tip it to spill, spin it toward the next branch, knock it off its hook, etc.

Comment by Aline

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