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Passive solar method works outdoors, too
March 23, 2009, 7:07 pm
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Recently, on a visit to Dutchess County, New York, I checked on the health of a “Sky Pencil” holly that I had planted about two years ago. This is a narrow, evergreen shrub that grows 8-10 feet tall over time. It is rated winter-hardy to zone 6. I bought this plant in southern New Jersey, where the global warmup has pushed my own garden into zone 7. The garden in which the plant now stands is in zone 5.

How has it fared so well over two New York state winters? The zone recommendation is right on target. I took advantage of a microclimate produced by its proximity to a south-facing brick wall. During the day, the wall soaks up sunlight, then radiates it out around the holly at night. Aside from some light tasting by deer, the Sky Pencil holly has come through the past two winters unscathed — a gamble that seems to have paid off.


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Do I recognize that sky pencil ??


Comment by Aline

More than likely.

Comment by beewatching

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