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March 23, 2009, 10:35 pm
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I am not a birdwatcher. Really. But I can’t resist observing the feeding habits of the various species who crowd around my lone feeder with the teeny little perches (sized for finches). How gratifying, I thought, when it was first frequented by finches, chickadees, sparrows and juncos. Now the bullying mourning doves can’t intimidate the little guys. The doves are staying on the ground, where there is enough spilled seeds to keep them occupied. Even those dumbos know when they’re beaten, and they are being gracious about it. I’ve also seen the balancing act of the cardinals, able to perch, but who have to lean back and flap their wings while grabbing a mouthful of seeds.

This gives me new insight into who the real bird brains are: the starlings, who can sit on the perch but can’t reach into the feeder ports, no matter whether they turn sideways, flap their wings, tilt backward or or order takeout. Still, instead of admitting defeat, they stay put, preventing the little guys from using the feeder. Haven’t we all met people like that — who believe that if they can’t have something, no one else should either? I’m waiting for some tough sparrow to teach the big fellows some etiquette. Or should I just buy a larger feeder?


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Don’t get a larger feeder that will be accessible to the starlings. They’ll take over and no other birds will stand a chance. Starlings are aggressive gluttons. As soon as bugs appear, you don’t need a bird feeder out there anyway.

Comment by Aline

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