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I know some teenagers garden
March 5, 2009, 7:35 am
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… but not mine. I tried to introduce them to this invigorating pastime when they were small, by letting them choose plants both for indoors and out and choose where to plant them. Even though my younger son, homeschooled at the time, tagged along with me to Master Gardener classes, and appeared intrigued by some of the slide shows and discussions, there is no glimmer of interest at present. The sight of a bee sends my kids indoors.

Making gardening relevant to them (and their father) means I bring cut flowers in for the dinner table, and am able to mix fresh herbs, greens and tomatoes into the salad. I might as well bring it all home from the supermarket, except that for me, the process of gardening is such an essential part of this.

Their assessment of gardening seems to be something like this: lawn = mowing, garden = weeding. They probably wonder why I bother to mention how to prune a shrub, or why it’s good to put crushed eggshells in the soil with tomato plants. I just hope that they will someday make use of this knowledge in their own yards. It’s a good idea to be able to produce at least some of your own food, and to know the seasons by what’s coming up and what’s ripening. I hope someday they’ll appreciate that.


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