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March 3, 2009, 4:40 pm
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Today a friend came over for tea. When she was about to leave, I showed her my assortment of flower and vegetable seeds for the coming season. Of course, there is NO way they will all fit in my garden, so I persuaded her to take a sampling for her own garden. Some of my successes will go to the Master Gardener plant sale. Some will like my yard well enough to stick around, I hope. So what will I be planting? Herbs, always: basil, parsley, borage, probably dill. Previously planted, set to come back on their own are lovage, fennel, lavender, sage, mint — regular and chocolate, horehound (should I try to make cough drops?),  thyme and what I had thought was oregano, but is most likely marjoram. Close enough for my purposes — this is zone 7, not the Mediterranean coast. These will draw the bees. I have seeds for brussels sprouts, mostly because it’s such an interesting looking plant. I will also plant scarlet runner beans, peas, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes. Most of the vegetables will be grown in containers. Then there are the pretty things — the salvia, sunflowers, zinnias, cerinthe, cleome and sunflowers.


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