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To Bee or Not To Bee
February 22, 2009, 1:47 pm
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Who else is watching the decline of butterfly, bee and bird activity in their home gardens? Who is committed to gardening without commercial pesticides and herbicides? Who is mixing food plants with ornamentals? Who has a successful shade garden? Food and herb plants that grow in shade? These are concerns I will be pursuing. Right now I live in what used to be zone 6B, now reclassified as zone 7.

a bee and butterfly favorite

a bee and butterfly favorite


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Waiting to see what happens on your site. No bees around here at present, just rain and snow and chompped rhododendrons.

Comment by Aline

And when they come, the bees will not chomp your rhododendrons.

Comment by beewatching

No honeybees yet, but did hear my first of the season Red-winged Blackbird. Spring can’t be far behind in my zone 5 garden. We had snow this morning and temps in the mid teens, so I put a lot of hope in the song of the blackbird.

Comment by Caroline Johnson

Heavy snow due here, not nearly time for bees! Not much in birds, either, except the crows and ravens.

Comment by Aline

Where do you live, Aline? I’m curious because the crows have been particularly noisy this year. They start their “song” around 5 am and continue for quite a while resulting in no sleep for the weary. Oh well. But, really, do crows serve any purpose? I remember reading in Green Scene (the wonderful PHS magazine that has been out of print for years) that crows were very useful birds to have around. I could appreciate them a lot more if I thought they were doing some good.

Comment by Caroline Johnson

We always have crows. They police the roads for kill, but they also may get young birds in spring. They post themselves around the various high spots and talk to each other about what they see, esp. if they see food. This is in eastern NY state, between the Hudson and CT.
Beeswatching – something is wrong with the times posted on your sites – says 3:58 p.m. today when it’s only 12:19 now. Or is Caroline in Europe, perhaps?

Comment by Aline

No, I’m not in Europe, but I am in north central Pennsylvania, zone 5. As I write this, it is 10:24 AM.

Comment by Caroline Johnson

Currently, the crows do good/bad by feeding on the insects infesting my catalpa tree in the back yard. They get their food, but the tree is weakened and is waiting for weather to allow it to be taken down. 11:32 a.m.

Comment by Aline

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